Chris Lalonde talks about getting over the fear of showing your work.

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September 17, 2010 by N@

Leading Canadian photographer Chris Lalonde gives us his thoughts on entering photography competitions and how entering can help you to open yourself up other peoples opinions and get over the fear of showing your work.

As a principal photographer at Photolux Commercial Studio, at age 35, Christian Lalonde, has already made his mark in the industry. Chris is an extremely versatile photographer whos work illustrates high standards in lighting and composition.

His work can be seen circulating on the Canadian 5$ banknote. As part of his impressive repertoire Chris recently received top honors in the 2010 Applied Arts Awards as well as a 1st Place in the Industrial Category and a 2nd Place in the Wedding Album Category at this years WPPI Convention.

How long have you been picking up a camera?

I’ve started plying with a camera in my third year of high school.  And haven’t stopped since!!

Did you always know that you wanted to be a photographer?

In my last year of high school is when I really knew that’s what I wanted to do.

What is your speciality as a photographer?

I would say my specialty is diversity.  I do a lot of food, Architecture & interiors, advertising, corporate and weddings .

When your not shooting for clients, what kind of images do you like to shoot?

When shooting for myself I really enjoy shooting Architecture, landscapes and abstract things.

How did you first get into judging?

I first started judging at the provincial level during a convention.  I really enjoyed it and learned alot from it…  That was 8 years ago!

Do you think there are extra considerations to be made when entering an International versus Local competition?

Definitely you have to consider that your work is going up against a lot more people in very different markets. You need to be certain that your image have good standard, impact, and be shown as best they can!

It’s been said many times that entering a competition is more than just winning. What do you take out of a competition when you enter?

The main thing I think you get from entering a competition is experience.  You learn a lot from hearing what others have to say about your images. What is great about them and how they can be improved.  It’s also great to get over the fear of showing your work!!  If you don’t try you never know how you could do!

What are the first 3 things you look at in your images when you enter a competition?

The main things I look at when choosing my competition prints is impact, how the image makes me feel, technique, is it high in quality, lighting technique, processing etc.  Do I have another image that is stronger, have I already seen a similar image in another competition?  If so then I pass on it!  And move on to the next one.

What advice would you offer photographers entering a competition for the first time?

Don’t be afraid to try competitions!! Don’t enter tons of images just enter your best.  Be certain that what you enter  is prepared and printed as best as it can be!!  Accept criticism and grow from it!!

You can find out more about Chis Lalonde at

Entries to The 2010 International Aperture Awards close on 15th October.


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