Pixel Purity + Nikon D3S + Redrock Micro = Awesome!

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September 28, 2010 by N@

As part of the lead up to the release of Pixel Purity, Dan and I are spending the week capturing a series of interviews with some fantastic well established Melbourne photographers across a range of specialty fields.

Kayell Australia have loaded us up with some amazing gear to do the shoots. Check out some of the behind the scene shots of us playing with the equipment and testing it all out in my kitchen last night.

It was a simple setup with a couple of old 500 watt tungsten lamps I had in the office. We used one to flood the background, and used a defuser  on our key light. Simple is best!

We were blown away by the quality of the output we got from the Nikon D3S on live capture video mode.  We had alot of fun setting up the shoot and playing with the gear.

The Gear list

1 x Nikon D3S with 28 – 70 2.8 lens

1 x Redrock Micro DSLR eyeSpy Deluxe

2 x 500 watt tungstan lamps

1 x Lastolight 1.2 x 2m collapsable background

1 x Lastolight triangular defuser / reflector

2 x Manfroto tripods

1 x Senheiser shotgun mic

1 x 4 channel powered audio mixer

Nikon D3s

12.1MP, Continuos Shooting up to 9FPS, HD Video Capture up to 24fps HD Video, Low Noise ISO Sensitivity 200-12,800, Dual CF Card Slots, Accurate 51, Point AF System, 3″ LCD Monitor

Red Rock Micro eyeSpy Deluxe

The eyeSpy line of DSLR rigs are ideal for any filmmaker who wants a shoulder-mounted ergonomic support system for their DSLR. The eyeSpy Deluxe Bundle builds on the Standard Bundle by adding the combined convenience of counterbalance weights for a perfectly balanced system, and a follow focus for pulling accurate focus.

Lastolite Skylite Scrim

Medium Premium Kit 1.1m x 2m includes: 1.1m x 2.0m Frame, Sunfire / White Reflector, 1.25 Stop Translucnet Diffuser, Grip head, Handle, Bag

7″ LCD Monitor

A portable high resolution 1.2 Mega pixels LCD monitor, offering HDMI and Composite video which is a perfect solution for HDMI output cameras, as well as DSLR. It has a strong and lightweight magnesium alloy shell, and easy to mount on top of camera as an additional viewing source.

Here’s a sample of our shoot.

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