The Loupe Awards are on Again!

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August 25, 2011 by N@

The International Loupe Awards are open for 2011.
Hang on a minute wasn’t it called the Aperture Awards?
Yes, the awards have been  changed  to the International Loupe Awards. Why have we done this? The change is due to an unfortunate trademark conflict.However the vision of the awards remains unchanged. We are still dedicated to excellence in  photography and bringing greater awareness and exposure to our amazing entrants.

$20,000usd first prize for the Open Awards.
The Major Open Awards prize for 2011 is $20,000 cash. The Top 5 Open category placings will receive a cash prize with first place winning $1,000. All category finalists will go forward to the final judging round where they will be rejudged to determine who will win the major prize.
BUT what I’m really excited about is the new Medium Format Fine Art Prize.
The art prize is a premier showcase of medium and large format imagery. The art prize is open to all photographers, professional and amateur however the images submitted must be shot from a medium or large format digital or film camera.All images submitted will go through an online elimination round. This round will produce a shortlist of finalist images. The Top 40 – 50 images from the shortlist will become part of an Exhibition which will be showcased in various locations.

The Exhibition will culminate in a final event where the winner of the Medium Format Fine Art Prize will be awarded.

As well as a major prize of an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer (I want one!), the focus of the art prize will be on exposing the participants to new markets and showcasing photography as the beautiful art form that it truly is.

Details on when an where the Exhibition will be running will become available later in the year.
Entries are now open and will be closing at the end of October 2011.


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