Keeping Focus and Motivation

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August 29, 2012 by N@

Am I motivated by a need to succeed? Yes!  Do I always succeed? NO!

I fail a lot. And when I say a lot I mean A LOT!

Is that a bad thing? NO! it’s a good thing. I see failure as the best way to learn. I quite often fail and no one even knows about it. Not because I want to hide the fact that I failed but because they are goals I have set myself or tasks that I want to get done. Sometimes the failures come because I have set myself seemingly impossible tasks like getting through a weeks workload in 2 days. These failures are expected but its about setting a goal and pushing myself to hit the target.

Most of my failures or what I consider to be a failure have an element of success in them. If I have learnt from the experience or produced something that I am happy to attach my name to then I am better for having the experience.

This is not to say that I always enjoy the experience. I find many of the challenges I face frustrating and sometime soul sucking. Its when I find myself low and at the point of throwing it all in that I try to stop and take a step back.

This is the point where I feel I learn the most. I try to look at the situation from a removed place. Not physically but mentally. I imagine that its not me in this sucking situation but someone else. I write down all of the facts that I have   on the situation and break down all the tasks that have been done and are still to be done. I try to look at the facts objectively. I highlight what is important and what is irrelevant or less important. I highlight where most of my energy is going and see if that matches what I marked as important. I get perspective!!!

Once I have perspective, I can start to make clear decisions. I can weight up options, I can move forward. Moving forward doesn’t always mean keeping to the same path and completing the task or project that is in front of me though. Sometimes moving forward means cutting my losses or accepting defeat.

I like to think that failing is sometimes succeeding. I’m succeeding because I’ve learnt something. I know what not to do next time.

I might learn that I suck at something so badly that I need to go away and get instruction or that I need to find someone who is an expert. Or it might be a case that I need better planning or more time. What ever the case is, I know I would handle things differently in the future.

One of the greatest things I know is that I suck at a lot of things. Is this bad? No, it’s who I am. If I feel passionate about something I will put in the efforts to get better at it. If I don’t, I will put it away or find someone to help me do it who does have the skills so that I am free to do what I am good at and what I do love doing.

Don’t be afraid to fall on your face. Take it as a lesson.


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