About Me

I’ve been developing for over 17 years. Ouch it hurts to think that I’ve been at this for that long. But when you love what you do the years fly by. I’ve worked for small companies and large corporates over the years but eventually settled into contract development. I started IC12 with my business partners in 2002 and we’ve been going strong ever since. Over the last 6 years we have been working closely with AIPP and a number of fantastic photographers developing photographic print competition systems as well as online competition judging systems. From this grew the International Aperture Awards. With a deep understanding of photography competitions and judging processes we wanted to produce a truly international competition with expert judges from all over the world. Every year the competition gets better and stronger and the new technologies are allowing for a higher level of education that can be offered back to the entrants.

About the International Aperture Awards

The International Aperture Awards has the goal of growing into one of the most respected photography competitions in the world.  The Integrity of the competition is of paramount importance to us and strict measures are followed to ensure that the security and processes of the competition are upheld.

As the competition director I place very high value in having the commitment and support of some of the worlds best photographers and most respected international judges on our judging panel. If anyone would like to discuss the competition or ask a question drop me an email and I’ll be happy to chat.

About IC12

IC12 is a leading global online solutions company. The Company provides full-featured, easy-to-use corporate software solutions and enjoys a favorable market position among consumers and small businesses.

The Company’s award-winning product portfolio features popular, recognized brands, including Optus, Telstra, Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games, Austrailian Institute of Professional Photography, Hot Tuna. IC12’s products and service solutions have built a loyal following of customers and partners around the globe.

IC12’s Commitment to Customers and Partners:

High-quality products. Years of development and testing have gone into IC12 products, and we are proud of the high quality software we deliver to the market.
The Company is focused on offering products that are easy to use and learn whether they are delivered online or standalone.

At IC12, we strive to deliver the industry’s best combination of custom designed high quality, feature-rich functionality and afford ability.
Our products provide features and technical capabilities that are comparable to products offered by larger vendors, typically at significantly lower price points.

Flexible sales and distribution strategy.

IC12 offers partners creative and customized solutions, joint-marketing initiatives and specialized versions of its software.
This flexible approach enables these companies to enhance their product and service offerings and provides them with additional revenue streams and sources of margin.

Founded in 2002, IC12 has built a global following through its years of innovation. Headquartered in Breaside Victoria Australia.

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